Who We Are?

We are a Delhi based weekend planner and primarily where you can find your weekend plans. All information related to events, food, and travel to see or do something.

Why We Are?

The weekend is reserved for city dwellers. Pride of the country, our seniors who love driving, children who go to the amusement park with the family and the generation of young people are the heroes of food and travel. We are working to focus on health whosoever want to hang out during the weekend or if we need a break from our 9-5 shift for a short while with family and close ones.

Our Motto

During the weekend, we broadcast information about what we want to do during our holidays and share the best experience of our recent travels. Some unexplored places are worth seeing. Recently these days, the trend of concerts and events is also more popular among young people and families, so we communicate in this way to share information and events taking place in Delhi. Our journey to each trip and the places we have never heard, all the strange places we should go to and something that has happened to us is something unusual. With interest in finding the city- capital of the India region recommended as an enthusiastic city adopted by the culture and the people who like to experience the beautiful and peaceful places