Top 5 Unknown Places In Delhi to Explore and Hangout

Top 5 Unknown Places In Delhi to Explore and Hangout

During weekend Delhite wants to explore and hangout the places which are known for good food, enticing shopping places and few adventurous.
But, we don’t want to visit congested and crowded places which are already belonged for the same.

But to get rid of it, there are some interesting facts that there are few hidden places. You must visit once in a while which are unknown for the peoples living in the capital of India

1. Champa Gali

Champa Gali famous place in Delhi
Champa Gali famous & unknown place in Delhi

The name Champa Gali is not as famous as other places in Delhi. During our weekend we always try to find homes that are known in the city.

In reference to that, we have visited a place called Champa Gali. That has not to be supposed confined but mixed with many coffees shops, delicious food, Shopping, handcraft shops and tea rooms, etc.

It is not as popular or overrated. But the best off-the-beaten-path in southern Delhi, we have never heard of is its worthy cafes, original street art and unexpected location for photoshoots.

The best thing you can do to know about the town of Liberty which is your only place that can be underestimated for shopping. Not as rushed as the markets of Delhi, but an incredible flea market.
The affordable fashion where we can also take care of our pocket. Liberty Village is a flea market in Champa Gali.

The affordable price of clothing and footwear starts at 150 rupees and less than 500 worth of purchases, such as tops for girls, t-shirts, jeans, shoes, and accessories. It would be more interesting to spend time with family & friends.

2. Mirza Ghalib ki Haveli

Mirza Ghalib ki Haveli
Mirza Ghalib Haveli- The place is a heritage site since 1997 that is located in Old Delhi.

Mirza Ghalib Haveli was the residence of the Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib. The place is a heritage site since 1997 that is located in Old Delhi(Source). The mansion had donated by a local hakim where he spent the last 10 years of his life from 1860 to 1869.
Now, being a heritage place, it is still a very unknown place in the city. The population is not very well known and appropriate fact is that it is hidden for all of us.

It is located in local city Qasim Jan in Balimarán, Chandni Chowk. but it is especially the most peaceful location in old Delhi. In fact, once we have to go explore there.

During our daily travels, we chose to go beyond and the ancient tradition locality near Chandni Chowk which is known for the most important Indian shop and the most fulfilling food of the soul. But taking back when we visited the Mirza Ghalib ki Haveli.

We noticed the structure of the place which has built with traditional materials, including lakeshore bricks and lime mortar. At the entrance, we noticed that some of the manuscript couplets of Ghalib are hanging on the walls.

On the other hand, we saw some of his dresses and paintings were clinging to traditional things of his time, including the dishes he loved and his robes.
The man who writes his creation and check show his life in different parts through his clothes of life.

3.Bhardwaj Lake Asola

Bhardwaj Lake Asola
A quiet and unknown place by the popularity- Bhardwaj Lake Asola

We saw and experienced A quiet and unknown place by the popularity in Delhi- called Bhardwaj Lake Asola. It is located near Badarpur and reserved by the Delhi Department of Wildlife. It is under the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary and we have admired it as an amazing freshwater lake.

We have experienced a quiet peaceful place and mostly unknown as per we have seen and experienced in Delhi.

The few lakes we have seen here are an ideal environment for birds, butterflies and a view of the clean water lake. Personally, we also enjoyed swimming which is the best life we have experienced.

The place is not well known to the people of Delhites. For the weekend with friends and relatives, you can share your experience with us. The place is located between the border of Faridabad and Delhi and the nearest metro station will be Badarpur to reach this end.

4.Jahaz Mahal Fort

Jahaz Mahal Fort
Unpopular but one of the unique and interesting places- Jahaz Mahal Fort

Unpopular but one of the unique and interesting places to visit. It is a reflection in the adjacent lake as a boat. An early 16th-century monument that you are looking for today is a real attraction for tourists. It had designed with many models that have a rectangular patio between mahal.

What we feel here is a quiet place where the interesting fact is the shape of the monument. Apart from that, there is a big lake Hauz-i-Shamsi. This place ends at the famous Darrat of Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Khaki.

On top of that, the place covers the 4.9-acre area, the unknown destination that Delhi’s population is unaware of. But once a visit counts, it’s worth it.

5. Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van
A walk through this forest is the relaxing experience -Sanjay Van

Spread over a large area haphazardly or irregularly and the area of this rush of green plants is not common. But the known fact of this place is loved by nature singing birds of different and unknown species.
A walk through this forest with the sound of birds and the tranquillity of the forests is the relaxing experience.

During the day, the healing power of Sanjay van has rewarded as a quiet place. But in the dark, it seems always scary. Considered a disturbing park that spans 785 acres.

There are some stories that the forest is haunted and some voices can be heard during the night.

What we think is that at night we should not enter the forest. Because finding signs of obsession that in the dense forest would be very dangerous as many illegal activities and crimes can be placed.

They are hiding there

The unknown facts and some of the underestimated places that mostly compensate destinations for the people of Delhi. You must visit once to explore the experience and know some of the hidden facts that must be collected.

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