Why Weekend is important?

Why the weekend is important in a lifetime because they tell you that the workweek is over. And by that I mean you did your homework this week and now it’s time to rest. The weekend is the perfect time to relax after a week of work or study, The Saturdays and Sundays are the perfect time to relax after a week of work or study, the family meets, The weekend is the time to be filled with love and good relationships, having dinner with the whole family, chatting with friends or watching cartoons with your kids, On weekends, you can enjoy meals prepared by your mother, wife or daughter, On weekends, the family meet.

Four “RE” Formula to make your Weekend Better.


Relax in weekend

You had a long week; honestly, five days are a long way, no matter what. You have to spend some time relaxing. What is your idea of relaxation different from that of your employees and friends? You are invited to work in the garden while one of your colleagues likes to practice bonsai. It does not matter.

Sleep if you can, or if you want. Enjoy the morning newspaper or book – preferably on paper, but a good  Review of your RSS feeds works as well – or pays attention to your surroundings while doing very little or nothing. Do the right thing. Relax and you’ll start adding value to your weekend … and be able to better cope with the next RE…


In just a few days, it’s important to recharge, revitalize and recharge the batteries. I’m not talking about the batteries in your mobile device (although charging the batteries while turning off and putting the device out of range is not a bad idea if you can do this). I’m talking about your constitution – your inner batteries.

Burnout can easily take you if you are still on. What happens if you leave your mobile device turned on all the time without connecting? I do not want to use the term “it dies”, but “the juice goes out”. However, both can apply, depending on your point of view. Even if you spend some time recharging, you can go back to work with enough energy for the coming week. You also have the option to perform the next RE.


I cannot stress the importance of this one enough. You have to keep an eye on yourself, at work and at rest. The best time to think about your week is when you are clear enough – and the weekend should provide that clarity. I say “should” in the sense that you still can not if you have not implemented an emergency room that leads to this point.

It is important to review the past and preview the future if you are not busy with other things. Once you have completed this process – which usually takes place throughout the weekend with the ultimate success – you will be on the way to the fourth casualty department (or immerse yourself in it).


The weekend offers you many opportunities. In fact, some of your best experiences will happen during your absence from the office, some will help you while you are in the office. But you should be able to see them and take advantage of them when they appear. You must be READY.

Being in this state is a process that will occur with practice. With the support of the other emergency rooms, this will allow you to perform spontaneous activities during your free time. Your mind will not be crammed with things that matter in other places, but have no basis in place or at your current time. It means being focused; in preparation to go with the flow. In the end, it just means that you are the best you can be wherever you are.

The value of your weekend is the value you choose to assign. Your weekend may not belong to everyone else, both in terms of the days of the week and the way you choose to spend it. The value of your weekend may not worry you much; But should. Because what you value in your weekend is a direct reflection of the value you give to something much more important: you.

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